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#44 Saluting Spring!

Spring is here. The days are brighter and sunnier. Everything looks greener. Breathe in deeply and enjoy the wonders around us.     Video recommendation for the week: Rather than post a lot of words this week, let me post … Continue reading

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#43 What We Say, We Become

On August 22, 2010 I posted a blog titled “Are there words we should NEVER say–and who makes that decision.”  The point of the post was to examine hurtful words–and whether or not there was a line that should be … Continue reading

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#42 Guns in the Classroom

Sometimes we just have to shake our heads and ask, “Huh?” Such is the case with one of the bills being considered by the 2011 version of the Florida Legislature. Current Florida law makes it illegal to carry a gun … Continue reading

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#41 An Archaic System? Evaluating Assumptions About Education

Some random thoughts on the education scene. Earlier this week a colleague shared an article that appeared in The Chronicle for Higher Education titled “Actually going to class for a specific course? How 20th-Century.”  The gist of the article: With … Continue reading

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