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#53 Observations From The Airport

I’m just saying…. First, air travel is amazing. Really, when you think of it, you can get from point A to point B incredibly fast. As Louis C.K. reminds us, “You’re sitting in chair in the sky!” (See video clip … Continue reading

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#52 Life In The Happy Place!

Richard Leider pointed out in The Power of Purpose that life is good when we can manage to have the Three Ps of our lives align with one another: People, Place, and Purpose.  Those of you who know me (or … Continue reading

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#51 Rethinking Pomp and Circumstance

It is the season for graduates to proudly strut their stuff across the stage as they collect their hard-earned diplomas. Gowns flow; mortarboards perch precariously on heads; the band plays; and family, friends, and faculty look on. A guest speaker … Continue reading

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#50 We Need More John Hunters

A few random thoughts about teaching… A friend and colleague shared an inspirational TED video with me a few days ago. (Thanks, Sande!) In this presentation, John Hunter explains the 4th Grade World Peace Game that he developed.  It is … Continue reading

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#49 Education and Politics: Problems or Solutions?

First, the good news: This past Friday I had the opportunity to volunteer at the annual Atlantic Beach (Florida) Elementary School Dolphin Dash.  In my elementary school days this would have been called a “field day.”  Specifically for ABE, it … Continue reading

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