#52 Life In The Happy Place!

Richard Leider pointed out in The Power of Purpose that life is good when we can manage to have the Three Ps of our lives align with one another: People, Place, and Purpose.  Those of you who know me (or follow this blog), know that those three components of life are crucially important to me.  The Three Ps remain constant beacons for me. My blog post of February 13, 2011 speaks to the people part of my life. A number of posts (most recently, April 17) point out the significance of purpose in life.  And if you have ever been anywhere close to me, you know I love the place where I live: Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Atlantic Beach is a simple seaside residential community of about 15,000 people. Spend any time here and you know it is not just a zip code–it is a community. My wife and I can bicycle or walk everywhere on this island.   Yesterday, May 21, 2011, marked the 25th anniversary of Dancin’ in the Streets and it reminded us of how very fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful part of the world.

Taking place where Atlantic Beach, FL and Neptune Beach, FL come together at the ocean, this annual day of music and revelry has evolved from a very humble block party (with three bands and a couple of kegs of beer) into a beach rite of spring. Put together by a stalwart committee of locals who wanted to see their community celebrated, it is a first-rate day of live music (about 10 hours worth), kids’ games, food from local restaurants, and the wares from dozens of street vendors.  Dancin’ has helped to raise money to refurbish the communities’ Town Center–a cozy collection of shops, restaurants, and two hotels that are nestled on the sands of the ocean. The event organizers represent those who have a purpose to celebrate the people and place where they live.

One of the cool highlights this year was our quest to enter the Guinness World Book of Records as the event with the most people dancing the Hokey Pokey.  (A city in Iowa held the record going into our event yesterday.  I believe they had something on the order of 7,300 people dancing.)

I know, I know. It sounds so, well, hokey! But it was fun, innocent, and energizing.  And at 5:30 p.m. yesterday, the crowd joined as one to hokey and pokey to their hearts content! It was pretty neat to see young kids, “elderly” folks, and ages in between dancing side by side. Laughing, singing, and putting their right foot in and out and shaking it (and all other body parts) all about! So incredibly great to see so many people coming together as one–even if for one dance, and even if for something pretty simple.  (Makes me, also, wonder what we could do with that kind of power on a more global level. But that is another blog post.)

I don’t know if we won the world record–but it was a hoot to go for it.  And it continues to be a hoot to live in paradise.  I will leave you with my CD’s title music video–filmed (in part) in Atlantic Beach. All the songs were written and rehearsed here as well.  Quite an inspirational place.

I am a lucky man!

Video recommendation for the week:

Turn up the speakers and enjoy the title song from my second CD.

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