(#388) Connectors. Dividers. Adopters. Resistors.

We have to know who “gets it, wants it, and has the capacity for it.”

A community has many attributes. For me, it’s hard to conceive of a community without unity.

  • You cannot spell community without unity.
  • A community represents a common unity.
  • Comm(on) unity = Community.

Building community goes beyond the issues themselves. True, issues cannot be ignored.  The bottom line for all of those, and more, remain the people.  Who is there to help, hinder, organize, and oppose?

Perhaps you have heard of the term C.A.V.E. people: Citizens Against Virtually Everything. They can be frustrating.  On the other hand, there might be another version of C.A.V.E. people: Citizens Adopting Virtually Everything.  They can create disharmony as well.  But a mix of the two—when there is true dialogue—can be powerful.

Consider my chart below.

Think about something you are working on now within your community, organization, team, or family. Who have the skills and inclination to be the connectors, and who trend toward the other end of the spectrum? Who understands what you need and want to accomplish? Who sees the vision? Who can contribute? Who will create noise? Who will be the haters? Who turns the status quo on its head?

Where would you place your people (team or organization) within the above chart? Where do you need your people? Where do you stand on the axes? Where do you need to be located in order to lead effectively or follow with purpose?

As Gino Wickman says in his book Traction, we have to know who “gets it, wants it, and has the capacity for it.”

Video recommendation of the week.

Understand what you need, who you need, and when you need it to build your community.  Why not make that move sooner than later?

Make it an inspiring week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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