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(#127) Recognizing the Good Things in Life

Why not recognize the good things that happen around us, show gratitude, and encourage those behaviors? Maybe in our own small way we can help create an environment of remarkable consistency and growth. This past Tuesday, my wife and I … Continue reading

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(#126) Have You Looked at Your BUT Lately?

The first step is to recognize (be aware of) which BUT is taking control. Then make the decision to kiss your BUT goodbye! I have written on this blog before about excuses and how they can derail our plans and … Continue reading

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(#125) What’s Important?

Are we living a life that makes us unrecognizable to those who love us–and maybe even unrecognizable to ourselves? For their midterm exam, my student success classes wrote about their dreams and the actions they have taken this semester to … Continue reading

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(#124) When a Culture of Yes is Really a Culture of No

 “It is possible to build a culture around innovation, leadership, and optimism…” Eric Schmidt “Rather than nurture the people on their bus, weak leaders throw them under the bus.” Steve Piscitelli Video recommendation for the week: In a 2008 talk … Continue reading

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