(#127) Recognizing the Good Things in Life

Why not recognize the good things that happen
around us, show gratitude, and encourage those
behaviors? Maybe in our own small way we can help
create an environment of remarkable consistency and growth.

This past Tuesday, my wife and I met up with some old friends from our college days for a nice dinner at Sliders, a favorite local restaurant. Great food, wonderful conversation, and luscious ocean breezes reminded me of the simple and good things in life that are easy to take for granted.

The most remarkable moment of the night, though, occurred when I received the bill for dinner. I did a quick look of the bill, checked the arithmetic, and then added 20% for the waitress. She had provided wonderful service: smiling, timely, and with personality. I placed the cash inside the folder with the receipt and gave it her.

Stuart Miles/

A few moments later, she returned and quietly pointed out to me that an 18% gratuity had already been added to the bill. (I had missed that. So much for my arithmetic and reading skills!) She then returned the tip I had left for her. In all my years of dining out, this has NEVER happened to me. Yes, I have made this same mistake a few other times–leaving a tip on top of one that had been added by the establishment. NEVER had a waiter or waitress returned my money–or even asked me if I meant to leave the extra money. So, with a pleasantly-shocked look on my face, I handed our waitress $10 and told her how much I appreciated her integrity. She refused to take the money. Again, a pleasant surprise.

Before we left the restaurant, I walked inside and motioned to our waitress and asked to speak to the manager. I could see this look of “OMG! What did I do wrong?” There were also two other wait staff listening from the side–wondering what was going to happen. When I told the manager how impressive our waitress was and what she did with my over tipping, everyone in earshot smiled. I then put the ten dollar bill in her hand and told her she earned it.

So why do I tell the story? Well, I am quick to complain about poor service and what seems to be the “new normal” of redundant mediocrity (See (#103) Someone Will Help You—I Guess; (#74) Redundant Mediocrity). I think it is just as important to celebrate those instances when someone does the right thing. Some readers might scoff and say that it is sad when we have to compliment what should be done anyway. Maybe they have a point.

Video recommendation for the week:

But why not recognize the good things that happen around us, show gratitude, and encourage those behaviors? Maybe in our own small way we can help create an environment of remarkable consistency and growth.

As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B.as needed!

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