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(#123) How Do I Measure Up?

 Relevance, engagement, and passion. Our students deserve it. Our community deserves it. Knowing my passion for any information about student success, my campus reference librarian frequently sends me emails about books, articles, and videos that come across her desktop. This … Continue reading

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(#122) What Is Your Story?

What are you leaving behind? What are you building each day? It’s one thing to be successful. But are you significant? Over the course of my teaching career, I have found it interesting and helpful to know a little about my students … Continue reading

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(#121) Living with Purpose: Are You Betraying Yourself?

If what we do does not align with our purpose (what makes us feel whole or complete or meaningful) then we need to pause and ask ourselves some questions. This week I began preparation for an upcoming webinar on social … Continue reading

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(#120) Are You Intentional About Your Growth?

While I cannot control or manage the ticking of the clock, I can manage my choices.  I manage my priorities and, thus, I manage my life. I have written on this blog in the past about priorities ((#100) Milestones: Endpoints … Continue reading

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(#119) You Might Have to Slow Down in Order to Go Faster

At times we have to turn off the thinking and let the ideas come and go; let them mix with the experiences. This week I received an email message that I have heard often.  The sender had registered for one … Continue reading

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