(#122) What Is Your Story?

What are you leaving behind? What are you building each day?
It’s one thing to be successful. But are you significant?

Over the course of my teaching career, I have found it interesting and helpful to know a little about my students as the individuals they are.   What makes them tick? What excites them? What goals drive them? What obstacles stand in their way?  More times than not, my students share insights that make me stop, dig a little deeper, and re-evaluate my life.

Many of my students have tough lives with lots of challenges due to choices they have made and/or circumstances they find themselves confronting.  Some resign themselves to a life of mediocrity or worse. Others will do anything ethical they can to take control of their destiny and move forward.  Such was the student sitting in my office last week.  She is one of those students who stands out in a positive way.  Articulate, intelligent, engaging, and collaborative with her peers. 


My student has had to confront difficult circumstances–yet she is positive and keeps moving forward. I asked her about her motivation to persist.  Why was she moving forward while others seem to give up?    She shared that at one point in her early life her mother told her, “You are my story.”  In other words, the daughter was her mother’s legacy.  The way the daughter turned out would reflect upon the mother.  The daughter hears that voice–and moves toward her dreams.

“You are my story.”

Four powerful words.  That made me think about my story.  What am I leaving behind–and what am I building each day?  The material possessions will fade. But the relationships, the connections, the words, and the actions–they will remain. It’s one thing to be successful. But will my life be one of significance?

How about you?

Video recommendation of the week:

What is your story? What is your significance?

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B.as needed!

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12 Responses to (#122) What Is Your Story?

  1. deron says:

    i really enjoyed reading blog #122. I think getting to know your students better is a great way to build a relationship.Many students go through problems at home and if the teacher is aware of that he/she can know how to help better.


  2. Donald B. says:

    Personally, I enjoyed this blog. It hit home. I agree, “success” is relative. Being significant is something else entirely.
    I am leaving behind a life of self doubt, self hate, confusion and underachievement. One doesn’t realize the impact that living a life of selfishness does to those that care. Our lives have somewhat of a domino effect on those around us, for good or bad, and the fortunate underachievers, such as myself, have a chance to gather themselves up and do what we were put here to do…help/encourage/guide someone else.
    I am building a new life based on the fact that I am an integral part of this test we call life. My intention and daily goal is to positively influence someone, (or many) on a daily basis. Even if it’s something as simple as opening a door for a stranger.
    Donald B.


  3. Catalia says:

    I agree, I myself have had difficulties in my life but Im still moving forward with my life. Having faith and wisdom had helped me alot. And I think teachers should have a good relationship with students because thats what helps the student to move forwards sometimes.


    • Syneiliusw says:

      I really enjoyed this blog, The words really speaks to me; letting me know you have to dig deep inside yourself and remembering the reason why and what you are doing does not only effect you, but your love ones as well. What funny also is that I pick this Blog by mistake, yet the reading was what i really needed to keep me moving forward~~ SyneiliusW


  4. Linnea says:

    The key to moving forward in life is to dwell on the positive, find solutions to your problems, and put God first in everything you do. God’s word is true and everlasting. He will never let you down if you have faith in Him.


  5. Brianna Miley says:

    I really like this blog because it does hit home for me. Ever since i was a little girl my grandmother always asked “Brianna what will be your story? What is it you want the world to Remember about you?”
    Which brings back the teaching i was taught. That I will make mistakes, but is it the mistakes I want people to remember or is it the Lesson the learning from those mistakes the positive change I made. No matter what I have to keep pressing on and remember people will judge But how will i respond to that judgement prove them right or wrong? In the end that will be my story. Is to prove them wrong and be the best I can and know I can be.


  6. Anaya Masline says:

    My story is similar to this one. My biggest goal in life is to be healthy, live in comfort, and be happy. My motivation is waking up in this undesired environment. Mom told me “Anaya I want you to be successful and not fall short like I did” Making my mother proud is my greatest motivation. What will be story be only God knows but I can only hope its to be a role model to the people who relate to my story.


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