(#128) What is Your Brand?

When it comes to branding ourselves obvious
characteristics present themselves: How we dress;
how we smile (or don’t); how we speak; how we
look someone in the eye (or don’t).

More than a decade ago I read a book by Tom Peters titled Reinventing Yourself: The Brand You 50. The basic premise of the book–one that still has relevance today–is that we are all a package. The manner in which we take care of that package brands us–just as assuredly as a major corporation brands itself.  Peters said, “What you value is unmistakably reflected in (1) precisely how you spend your time, (2) the nature of each contribution at each meeting, (3) who exactly you hang with.”


Video recommendation for the week:

Guy Kawasaki talks about “The Pillars of Enchantment”: Likeability, Trustworthiness, and a Great Cause.  They, too, will speak to your brand.

When it comes to branding ourselves obvious characteristics present themselves: How we dress; how we smile (or don’t); how we speak; how we look someone in the eye (or don’t); how and when we deliver what we promise.  For this blog, let’s exam a series of questions to help us (you and me) review the brand we are developing.    Let’s use Peters’ categories above to shape our analysis:

1. Precisely how do you spend your time?

  • Do your actions move you toward your goals–and with integrity?
  • Does what you do mirror what you say is important?
  • Do you invest your time in what makes a difference in the world around you?
  • What kind of legacy are you building with your life?

2. What is the nature of your contributions at each meeting you attend?

  • If you sat across the table from yourself at meetings (dinners, parties, get-togethers) what would you see and hear you saying? And, would you like this?
  • Do you, in fact, contribute or do you wait for others to do the work?
  • Are you saying and doing the “safe” things–never venturing out of “the box”?
  • Are you trustworthy?

3. Who exactly do you hang with–that is, with whom do you spend the majority of your time?

  • Do you have mentors to help you stretch and grow?
  • Do you mentor those whom you can help to stretch and grow?
  • Is your time filled with energy vampires who violate your boundaries?
  • Do you trust the people with whom you hang?

In the final analysis you will want to ask yourself, “Am I happy with my brand? If am, then what can I do to maintain the integrity of my brand? If I am not, what can I do to change, improve, or tweak my brand?”

Each of the above reflects choices we make and do.

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B.as needed!

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