(#125) What’s Important?

Are we living a life that makes us unrecognizable to those
who love us–and maybe even unrecognizable to ourselves?

For their midterm exam, my student success classes wrote about their dreams and the actions they have taken this semester to get closer to their dreams.  It‘s a great exercise for them and I always love reading their thoughts.  For some of my students it’s one of the rare moments someone has asked (and listened to) them about their dreams. For others, it allows them to articulate their progress.  For all, they get to reflect on their journey.


As I read their essays this weekend, they reminded me of the important things in life--and how it is easy to lose one’s way.  One of my students wrote: I am leaving behind a life of self-doubt, self hate, confusion and under achievement. One doesn’t realize the impact that living a life of selfishness does to those that care. Our lives have somewhat of a domino effect on those around us…

While a few students go through the motions with the exam (simply write to fulfill a course assignment), most, like the student above, take the opportunity to look at their lives and talk about what is important to them. 

Coincidentally, my wife and I watched The Preacher’s Wife this weekend. Maybe it was my students’ papers. Maybe it is the ongoing litany of events affecting my college. Maybe I was ready for a reminder message. Whatever the reason, there were a couple of lines in the movie that stood out to me.

“I don’t even know who you are anymore.” (The preacher’s wife to the preacher)

 “Look at the real price before you close the deal…listen to your heart.” (Dudley the Angel)


For me the take away is–once again–to be true to ourselves in whatever we do. Do not betray who we really are–for any reason. Are we living a life that makes us unrecognizable to those who love us–and maybe even unrecognizable to ourselves? We have to maintain our integrity regardless of those around us who push their agendas at the expense of our well-being and the expense of the well-being of our greater community.

When I speak to audiences, I like to end with a call to action.  Something that requires them to apply what we have examined in the program.   So, here is your (and my) call to action:  Ask–and remind–yourself what is important in your life. Do your actions each day reflect what is important? Perhaps it is remaining in touch with people who mean what they say.  Or hugging someone a little longer. Or your family, your country, and your God. Have you taken a specific step toward your dream? Do you still have a dream? What one thing can you do today that will reinforce what is important in your life? Repeat tomorrow.

Video recommendation for the week:

And, as my students remind me, believe in your dreams.  Don’t let anyone take them from you

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B.as needed!

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3 Responses to (#125) What’s Important?

  1. Cass Worthington says:

    As usual, love your thoughts and enjoyed the music! You are gifted!

    PS if Laurie is still at Baptist, Bobby’s mom is in ICU there. Her name is Harriet Murray, not doing well. Keep them in your prayers. Thanks. Miss you all…

    Sent from my iPad


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