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(Issue #544) Themie

When we empower a person, group, or community to tell their story in their voice we help them share and add to their legacy. An online statistic caught my attention: 93 million times per day people snap a selfie. The … Continue reading

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(Issue #543) How Will You Remain Vigilant?

How will community be sustained? Will core values change? [For this week’s post, I pull from a recent book of mine (2019; p. xxix). Deals with community, complacency, and challenge. Seemed appropriate.] Have you ever been part of a community … Continue reading

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(Issue #542) Who I AM. Who I Was.

Will you settle or amplify? A Michael Crawford cartoon shows two people standing at the altar on their wedding day.  They look at each other and say, “You’ll do!” “You’ll do?”—“This’ll do?”—“I’ll do?” And they settle. And we settle. For what? Sometimes … Continue reading

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(Issue #541) Message Over Marketing

This past week, Beaches Watch held an online forum for the Jacksonville Beach, FL city council and mayoral candidates.  I’ve provided the link to the forum in my video recommendation for the week. We had 90 minutes of questions, reflection, … Continue reading

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