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(#208) Community

What do you see as the primary characteristic of a community? What greater purpose does it serve? This weekend our little beach community put on the 28th edition of Dancin’ in the Streets. A day of fun music (2 stages), … Continue reading

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(#207) Building a Transcript—or Building a Life?

Just like the dashboards of social media that measure “likes,” “friends,” “followers,” and “connections,” we have to examine if  the numbers by themselves have any real meaning. It’s the end of the semester and with it comes to usual calls, … Continue reading

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(#160) 7 Steps to Help You Unplug and Reflect

Personal reflection is an underlying principle of student success— and it is often a neglected principle in everyday life.  We need to (must) take time to give considered thought to the steady flow of information we are exposed to in … Continue reading

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(#154) What Is Shaping Your Reality?

Positive psychology tells us what we visualize creates our reality. At the end of each semester, my intent is to leave my students with one final lesson that will bring together a few of the main topics and teachings of … Continue reading

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(#148) Finding Your Kokomo

The calendar provides a gentle reminder of the many people and experiences for us to enjoy and embrace. My favorite time of the year is spring. Each day becomes more vibrant: flowers brightly blooming, ocean water warming, and the sunshine … Continue reading

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(#121) Living with Purpose: Are You Betraying Yourself?

If what we do does not align with our purpose (what makes us feel whole or complete or meaningful) then we need to pause and ask ourselves some questions. This week I began preparation for an upcoming webinar on social … Continue reading

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