(#148) Finding Your Kokomo

The calendar provides a gentle reminder of the
many people and experiences for us to enjoy and embrace.

My favorite time of the year is spring. Each day becomes more vibrant: flowers brightly blooming, ocean water warming, and the sunshine longer –lasting. Energizing!

It is also spring break for book-weary students and teachers; a time to rejuvenate the inner batteries of life. Nine days to break out of the “routine” and change gears. It’s not necessarily a “slower” time—just a “different” time.  I look forward to sleeping in a little later, having longer workouts in the gym, picking a book from the stack building in my office, spending more time with my wife enjoying our beach community, listening to music (Eric Clapton will be here Tuesday!), and tackling a few home projects.

The calendar provides a gentle reminder of the many people and experiences for me to enjoy and embrace.

Video recommendations for the week:

No shoes, No Shirt, No Problem!

Even if you may not be on spring break this week why not carve out at least a few moments for YOU to catch YOUR breath and stay in touch (or get back in touch) with a little BALANCE in YOUR life.

It’s 5:00 Somewhere!

So, this week rather than a lot of words, I’ll leave you with some classic (at least by my definition) springtime/me-time/friend-time/balance-time/fun-time music.  If you get the urge, I would love to hear about your favorite springtime music.

May you find your “Kokomo” this week.


Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B. as needed!

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