(Issue #511) Voice In Your Ear

What can you learn? How can you grow?

Voice in your ear*
Hand on your shoulder

Have you heard it?  Maybe in the morning upon waking or at night when drifting to sleep. Perhaps during the hour of the wolf. Do you listen? Do you talk back? Do you recoil? Does it physically move you? Or maybe scare you?

Sometimes quiet
Sometimes louder

Does it seem ever-present? You try to ignore it; it gets louder. You confront it; it halts. For a time. It remains. What can you see? What do  you hear?

Sometimes a whisper, a protector, a speaker of fame
Sometimes nothing but a ball and chain

Does the voice ever comfort you? Or has it become a dreaded weight? Like a flibbertigibbet, it never ceases.

Voice in your ear

It will not go away. Until you address the issue on its mind.  What can you learn? How can you grow?

Video Recommendation for the Week

Michael Singer writes about the Inner Roommate in his book The Untethered Soul. Here he discusses “Your Inner Thorn”—that all of us have. Perhaps it feeds the voice in  your ear. Do you deal with it? Or do you avoid it and, thus, build an entire life not confronting and eliminating the disturbance? Do you mute the voice? Or do you pay attention to that voice in your ear? To whom do you turn for guidance? A mentor? A friend? A spiritual leader? A family member?

*Voice in Your Ear words ©2020. Steve Piscitelli. All rights reserved.

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©2020. Steve Piscitelli
The Growth and Resilience Network®


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