(Issue #520) What Will Change?

Yes, a lot has changed. How, though, have you used that change
to exact needed change in your life for good? How has the time helped your resilience?

Even though a lot has changed in the last two months, what has really changed?  That is, when a greater distance exists between the pandemic and where we stand, what will change in your life going forward. How will your approach to life be different?

I stumbled on a video I made for my students in 2011. It was a mid-semester checkup on their progress towards their respective dreams.

I used the three-step strategy:  Stop. Keep. Start.  And I thought about how those steps apply to our situation now.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli


During the past two months (and those to come as we go through various phases of “re-opening”), many (most) have had to STOP the standard ways of connecting in business, school, church, and relationships. We had to adopt and adapt strategies to earn a living, engage in community service, and continue formal education.  Much has been made about the amount time people spend at home.

So, in a sense, we have been forced to STOP the way we typically do things. The pause has created a time to think and act anew. A time for re-evaluation about what we value.


 Have you developed new ways of doing things that you plan to (think you will) continue to do. What new ritual have you developed that you plan on staying with even when all is back to “normal.”  Maybe it is a new workout routine, or an activity you have started with your family.  For those who have been “Zooming” on video calls, perhaps you have found a new and efficient way to do business if only on occasion. What were you forced to do in this time of exigencies, that you will KEEP because they have the power for good in your life moving forward?


Can you think of some things you had to curtail, that you no longer miss because you enjoy what you have put in their place. Maybe you found that the old habits created obstacles for growth. Maybe you found the time to revisit an old project that had been neglected or begin a journey that you had not considered before. And then there are the things you have missed that you cannot wait to START again. They have taken on a new meaning for you. You will treasure them more than you ever have.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

Yes, a lot has changed. How, though, have you used that change to exact needed change in your life for good? How has the time helped your resilience?

Video Recommendation for the Week

Here is the video I mentioned above.

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