(Issue #521) Sunrise, Clouds, and the News

Some people and groups focus on the darkness and what might happen.
Others ignore warning signs and
look only at what they consider to be brightness.

First, the sunrise.

I have found the best time to view sunrise on the beach comes about fifteen or twenty minutes before the sun pops out of the water. That is when nature’s spotlight of orange, pink, and yellow tints streaks across the sky. Intense and vibrant.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

Add clouds to the mix, and the textures magnify the spectacle. Whether Cirrus, Stratus, or Cumulus, they add drama and beauty to the scene.  Combined with the sun’s colors, nature provides a fabric we can almost feel.  The clouds add to the story.  Rather than distracting, they provide more context for the hours ahead.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

Now for the news.

Last week, I saw a piece on the news (read about it, too) about airline passengers, masks, and seating assignments.  The piece showed overcrowding (read: no social distancing) and inconsistent mask usage. The reporter helped paint a dire picture with words.

These were the clouds if you would allow the metaphor.

Even with the dramatic decrease in airline flights due to the pandemic, I wondered how representative this news was of flights in general.  Maybe it was. Maybe not.

I do not know how many flights flew in the country that day.  Maybe I missed the stories about the flights that had a better experience for its passengers. But we did not get those rays of sunshine.

The highlighted flights do have lessons to which we need to pay attention. So do the flights that have no or minimal incidents.

Why concentrate (solely) on the clouds? Why not take in more of the view and see the bright spots?

Some people and groups focus on the darkness and what might happen. Others ignore warning signs and look only at what they consider to be brightness.

And there are those amongst us who embrace both.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

Video Recommendation for the Week

I shot this video on a sunrise ocean kayak paddle in Atlantic Beach, Florida.  Take it all in. The blue sky, colors, clouds, reflections, and the water. Oh, and don’t miss the pod of dolphins just off my bow. I would have missed them if all I did was focus on the clouds (or colors, or reflections).

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  1. marianbeaman says:

    Lovely photos – we want to take a walk on the beach today. 🙂

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