(#380) The Sun Rises Each Morning. Sometimes We Cannot Recognize It.

The sun will shine on the thousands of people
who helped thousands of others survive the catastrophe.
The storm saw strangers not acting as strangers.

The loss and devastation due to Hurricane Harvey defies words. The images bring us some of the story.   Those of us not directly involved– as in not personally feeling the battering of the storm–may never know what these people have experienced. Or will continue to experience in the aftermath/cleanup of the storm.

There are countless ways to help. Some have traveled to Texas to offer assistance. Others donate to organizations who in turn get the resources to the boots on the ground. A few of the many ways to help include:

Which leads me to this week’s post.

Each morning the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the time you will find Roxie, B.D.E. (Best Dog Ever) and me sitting on the sand watching the glory.

Every day brings different textures and hues. All magnificent.

On occasion, clouds or a torrential rain storm will block the scene. Invariably, someone will observe, “No sunrise today.”

I thought about those words when I captured the image below on a recent morning.

True, we did not see the sun.  But, it still did rise. Like it does every day. Given the recent events in Houston and surrounding areas it seems hollow and trite to say “the sun will rise.”  It will rise on the devastation and loss. No way to ignore that.

The sun will rise on and for the people who have had experienced and survived the challenges placed in front of them.  The sun will also continue to shine on the thousands of people who helped thousands of others survive the catastrophe. Communities do that.  The storm saw strangers not acting as strangers. They came to help. No agendas other than they wanted to do something, anything. I doubt the rescuers and the rescued paused to ask one another about their political leanings. At that point in time it did not matter.

The sun rises each morning. Sometimes we just cannot recognize it. At times it comes from the hand of a stranger.  Or as to paraphrase a song lyric I heard years ago, “A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet.”

Video Recommendation for the Week:

The Cajun Navy helped with relief and rescue efforts. In the midst of the deluge, they delivered some sunshine to the area.

Make it an inspiring week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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