(Issue #536) Inspirational Hatchling

It did not let a force bigger than itself keep it from its goal. It did not quit.
A lesson taught. A lesson learned.

In 2019, Roxie (my canine companion) and I came across a lone sea turtle hatchling inching its way to the ocean. Roxie would later share that story in her book.

Lone Sea Turtle Hatchling Crawling to the Ocean. ©Steve Piscitelli. 2020

A few days ago, about an hour or so after sunrise, I came across another such intrepid creature. Alone and pulling itself toward the pounding surf. Impressive. Inspirational.

Video recommendation #1 for the week:

As the hatchling inches forward toward the surf…More in the 2nd video below.

I realize there is an instinct that is drawing the hatchling to the sea. Still, watching such a small being take on such an immense challenge makes me shake my head in disbelief and appreciation.  When it got pushed back by incoming waves, it did not quit. It did not return to its starting point. No, it reoriented and continued toward its goal. Determined, the little creature made it into the water. A hoped-for future in an overwhelming environment.

I thought of Roxie and part of her tale of the hatchling(Story #45):

….Why do some beings move forward in spite of what seem to be overwhelming odds, while others shrug and give up? Odd, isn’t it, something so small can have such a lasting impact on so many who appear to be so much larger. It did not let a force bigger than itself keep it from its goal. It did not quit.

A lesson taught. A lesson learned.

It’s not always about how big you are—or how big you are not.  A great deal depends on your determination, motivation, desire, and discipline. Why do you think some beings are able to move forward in spite of what seem to be overwhelming odds? In fact, they may never even start moving forward.
They sit there defeated, never knowing what they could have been
if they only stepped forward. How do you keep going when the odds seem against you? What specific strategies do you use? Is there someone, like the little turtle, who inspires you to move when the going is difficult?….

It was the message I needed to see on that particular day.

Pass it along to someone who might need a nudge of inspiration.

Video recommendation#2 for the week:

The surf hits and turns the little one around. He reorients.  He will make it to the ocean.

Make it a great week and HTRB has needed.

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Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit.

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