(Issue #583) The 7Rs and Public Health

Public health is a community good that connects each of The 7 Rs. |
How can we remain good stewards for our community?

Over the eleven-year history of this blog, seven values have repeated themselves. The same seven interrelated concepts provided a foundation for two of my last three books. (One dedicated to teacher resilience and the other community development.)

The simple model shows the interconnection of each value. One cannot be discussed without considering its impact on the other six. Note in the diagram below the big circle in the middle that intersects the seven surrounding spheres. In workshops, I have asked participants to identify a goal they have for their team. They write that goal on the line. And then a conversation begins about how that  goal will need the input, support, and respect of each of the Seven Rs.

Steve Piscitelli

Today, I suggest you take a moment and write two words on the line in the middle of the large circle:  COVID VACCINATION.

Whether you have planted your flag in the pro-vaccination or anti-vaccination camp, perhaps The 7Rs Model can assist you in determining the impact of the vaccination beyond yourself. 

For instance, you ask yourself:

  • If I don’t get the vaccination what is the impact on my relationships—the people with whom I come in contact with each day? Same question for the scenario of getting the vaccination.
  • What is the impact of the vaccination on my own resilience and that of the relationships in my life?
  • Will the vaccine impact the resources in my community—like health care, elective surgeries, and supply chains?
  • What relevance does the vaccination (getting it or not) have to your rainbows (your dreams)? How about the significant others in your life?
  • Do each of us have a responsibility when it comes to vaccinations? If so, what is that?
  • When the vitriol spikes about vaccinations, what can you do to help yourself and those close to you reflect on the decision they have made (or are considering to make) concerning vaccinations?

Public health is a community good that connects each of The 7 Rs. How can we remain good stewards for our community? Perhaps my Seven Week Challenge will provide a clue or two.


Video recommendation for the Week:

This short video connects The 7 Rs to student success. Consider how you can connect it to a considered conversation about public health.


Make it a great week and HTRB has needed.

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