(Issue #572) Determining Relevance: Three Words

Consider three words—three questions—when determining
the relevance of your actions.

During my teaching career (classroom and workshops) providing relevant instruction motivated me each day. The bottom-line question that challenged me: “How does what I do today have relevance for the people in front of me?”

In short, how does it make their lives different even in the smallest way possible? The discussion, the theme, the topic—will any of it help them with their purpose, meaning, and direction?

Think of the great nurses (like my wife) you have known, lived with, or were yourself. Often, they see people at their lowest point in life. Sometimes they are with them when they die. They hold the hands of the patients and family alike. While they cannot bring a dead person to life, they can help that person leave this life with dignity. And they help the family by being there; being present; acknowledging the family’s loss.

Regardless of what you do for a living or the work you do for your community, consider these three words:

  • Before
  • After
  • Because.

Relevance connects to meaning. In the video below, I challenged an audience to consider their relevance to their students. I framed each of the above three words as a question.

Instead of “students,” insert the name or label of the people with whom you interact. How do you answer these as they relate to what you do? The answers may provide insights into why you do what you do. Or, maybe, provide insights about tweaking what you do.

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