(Issue #571) IKIGAI

Energetic intersections for meaning.

Building on last week’s post about finding, understanding, and embracing your meaning, let’s turn to the Japanese concept of Ikigai.

Attributed to an Okinawan origin, and consisting of four points of intersection, it refers to life’s purpose.

  • What You Love
  • What You Are Good At
  • What The World Needs
  • What You Can Be Paid For
Photo by Steve Piscitelli

For some, the fourth item of payment for services is not relevant.  Still, the intersection of the first three can energize the individual to the point of excitement for the beginning of a new day as well as a feeling of fulfillment at the end of a day for a purpose pursued.

When the intersection is lost we risk sliding into redundant mediocrity or worse.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

One of the models I used with my students and audiences looked at the intersection of people, place, and purpose: Pursuing a purpose we love, in a place we love, with people we love. (I think I might have first read about it in a Richard Leider work, but my memory fails me on that point.) The intersection of those three concepts creates personal power.

A life well-lived is a life with purpose. A life that makes a difference, if even for a small part of our world.

Video recommendation for the Week:

This TEDx talk examines Ikigai.

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