(#118) You Never Know Who is in the Audience

We just never know the impact we have.  And, we need to remind ourselves
of the impact others have on our lives.

A few weeks ago, I had an experience that reminded me of two truisms: 1. You never know who is watching and 2. You never know the impact you have on others.  Let me set up the situation.

Image: dan/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I was speaking to a group of mentors and family members of entering first-year college students.  As each person entered the room, I gave them one of my H.T.R.B. wristbands. They stand for Hit The Reset Button and I use them to demonstrate a point about balance and well-being. The bands were inspired by one of my students.  She had recently returned from the Iraq War with significant physical injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.  (See blog post #71 Hit The Reset Button.) 

Toward the end of my program I touched on the 6 dimensional wellness model that I often speak and write about (#5 Balance Is Not Necessarily Even). I then explained how the HTRB band came to be.  I explained how my student faced daily struggles to just do the basic things most of us do without evening thinking or appreciating.

Video recommendation for the week:

When I finished my presentation I went to the back of the room. A lady came up to me smiling and told me that she is my former student’s mother! She told me that when she heard me tell the story to the audience she immediately called her daughter and told her, “The HTRB man is here and just mentioned you!”  She pulled me into the hallway, called her daughter again and put the two of us back in touch. My former student still has challenges but sounded wonderful. She still has HTRB in her heart.  We will be having lunch soon.

This is why I teach. 

We just never know the impact we have.  And, we need to remind ourselves of the impact others have on our lives.

What did you think of when you first saw the initials H.T.R.B.?

Sometimes, as an icebreaker activity before a program begins, I ask folks to write down what they believe HTRB stands for.  The responses reflect creativity and humor.  To close this week’s post, I will share some of the more intriguing submissions.  Enjoy!

  • How To Really Become
  • Help Teach Reach Build
  • How To Run Baby
  • Help To Retain Brilliance
  • Happy Teachers Retain Better
  • How Teacher’s Really Behave [Oh, my!]
  • Help Tomorrow Remain Bright
  • Have The Right Balance
  • Hot Tubs Really Burn
  • Hail The Right Brain
  • Help To Retain Basics
  • How Teachers Retain (the) Best
  • Hang Tight Right Back
  • How To Really Believe
  • Hungry Tiger Ransacks Paris [I’d like to climb in this person’s mind for a few moments!]
  • Hate The Rude B****
  • How The Right Behaves
  • Hot-Tub Retreat Bench
  • How To Relate Better
  • Honored To Reign Brightly
  • Hardworking Teachers Retain Better

And my favorite….

  • Hold The Relish Batman  

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B.as needed!

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6 Responses to (#118) You Never Know Who is in the Audience

  1. Ishmael Clayton says:

    Ishmael Clayton,
    Making a impact comes in many different shapes and forms. Whether its from a family member, friend, or co-worker. Many situations can impact our life in such a way it makes us better. Growing up I’ve always heard, ” Your life trails is for someone else.” This basically mean, what ever i go through and someone is going through the same thing i have that key to set them free, because i have already been through it! Professor Pisitelli you speaking to massive groups of people encoruaging them to go on and H.T.R.B. to mean really mean Help To Remain Better, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! So, you also hope to remain better than you were 2sec ago!


  2. gatorn81 says:

    Ever since you told us a bit of this story in class. It stuck with me for the message it sends. However after reading the ending of the story I have come to see that the young lady carries it on. Now through you this life situation will have an eternal bond with many who come in contact with you and harbor the message it sends. Much like other immortal figures in our society that seem to live on or at least their messages. The overall message I get from this blog is that represent yourself in a way that is respectable and full of integrity. For we do not intend to offend or confuse the message we teach when on a public forum. Accuracy and truth will set us apart from the liars and the ambiguous speakers. How proud was the mother of your student to hear her daughters story and understand that it is often shared to inspire the multitudes. Great partial ending to a story that I know is not finished. -Nathaniel SLS1103 MW 9am


  3. kiyonna says:


    We just never know the impact we have. And, we need to remind ourselves of the impact others have on our lives. Everyone go throw something in life. Some people hide it from there famliy and no one never now want there going throw. like me im going throw a lot right now with my son he”s back an forward from the hospital and its hard for me to focus on school. No one no’s the struggle I go throw cause I hide it and thats my problem I have because I know I can get help I just dont take the time to ask. Then I miss out on the good things I have going for myself.


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