(Issue #523) Giving, Receiving, and Gratitude

It could change the world for one person.

 With all the dislocations and dysfunctions the pandemic has wrought, aren’t you encouraged and energized by the acts of graciousness you have read about or witnessed?

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

Like the pizza maker sending 300+ pizzas per day to healthcare workers in New York. And that act of giving led to the owner receiving help from his landlord.

Like pen pals that have befriended residents in nursing/retirement/assisted-living homes. A similar program exists in the Community Hospice (Jacksonville, Florida) for which Roxie and I volunteer.

And like the Puppuccino Man.

In his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra speaks about the “dynamic exchange” of giving and receiving.

The best way to put the LAW OF GIVING into operation—to start the whole process of circulation—is to make a decision that any time you come into contact with anyone, you will give them something…a flower, a compliment, or a prayer. In fact, the most powerful forms of giving are non-material…When you meet someone, you can silently send them a blessing…. (p. 33)

We do not (or, at least, should not) give in order to receive. We do so to circulate joy.  Leo Buscaglia said something to the effect that if you give a gift expecting a return, then what you really gave was a loan.

Small acts of kindness and assistance can have a bigger impact than we know in another person’s life.

“Helping one person may not change the world,
but it could change the world for that one person.”
(attribution unknown)

And it could change the world of the one giving as well.

Photo ©Steve Piscitelli. 2019

Video Recommendation for the Week

The cycle of giving, receiving, and gratitude.

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