(#248) Loopers Add Texture To Life

We all add layers and texture to life.

Ever hear of a “looper”? I didn’t until an NPR piece aired one morning this past week.  These are the folks who “create human ambiance” after a movie is shot.  That’s right. They’re the background noise that provides “texture” for a scene.  Who would have known?

These unseen and mostly unknown (at least to the audience) actors go about their work literally behind the scenes.  Not the super stars.  Not the household names.  But so very vital to the overall project.

Image: FrameAngel/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: FrameAngel/

As I listened on my way to campus I thought about all of us who are “loopers” in our own way each day.  The RNs working the night shift; custodians taking care of the facility; teachers helping to shape and nurture students; the sales rep tirelessly connecting her client with the best product; the person reaching out to a friend in the dark hours of despair. And the list goes on and on.

[Click (http://www.npr.org/v2/?i=385237280&m=387420750&t=audio) to hear the NPR piece.]

Who are the loopers in your life? Do you ever stop to understand what they add to your life—and those around you? Do they go unnoticed even though they do provide a vital “service” to you?  Quiet as they may be, their collaborative contributions help add texture and meaning to your life.

Video recommendation of the week:

This clip emphasizes the power of collaboration–one on one as well as many on many.

We all add layers to life. Some of us are out front and get the recognition. And many of us are behind the scenes working collaboratively to enhance our world.

What do you do in your role as a “looper”?  How do you help to create texture and fullness to someone’s life experiences?

Make it a great week. And H.T.R.B. as needed.

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