(#156) Putting Action Behind Your Intentions: A Call To Action!

Ask yourself this question:
“What one action, if I take it today, will get me closer to my goal?”

One problem with professional development activities is follow-through.  The program can be dynamic, the speaker engaging, and the audience tuned in to the topic.  But if the participants to do not put the strategies into action as soon as possible, guess what happens.  Those great intentions will be found at the end of the year stacked up in the corner of the office.  Another case of good intentions dying for lack of a second—a second effort, that is. No return on investment. Opportunity missed. Or, at the very least, opportunity postponed.

The same fate can happen to our goals.  We have great intentions.  We might even have made great plans. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, doing does not follow the planning. The do is not behind the desire.

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If you find yourself (or someone you know) in a similar situation, let me offer a plan that may jump-start your good intentions.

I typically finish my training programs with a critical thinking exercise titled “Call to Action” that encourages participants to put workshop strategies into action immediately.   I now have five different formats for these calls to put dreams into action.  You can use this one right now.

Video recommendation for the week:

Moving Beyond Challenges

  • What is the CHALLENGE you face. Be specific? What is one obstacle (emotional, physical, social, intellectual, or spiritual) that keeps you from moving to the next level with your goal?  That is, why are you not moving closer to your goal? Write your response—don’t just say it. Write in a journal or type it in a computer file. Use the following questions to help you further clarify your challenge/obstacle/fear.
  • What is at least one ASSUMPTION you have made/are making about this challenge?
  • What INFORMATION do you have about this challenge—and what information do you still need? How do you know the challenge is real? What resources do you need? Who can help? Can you find a mentor? In short, how do you know that the assumptions you are making are accurate?
  • What CONCLUSIONS can you draw—and what is your next step toward a PLAN OF ACTION?

NOW, it’s time to take action. Not tomorrow. Today.  Ask yourself this final question: “What one action, if I take it today, will get me closer to my goal?”

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NOW, do it–and enjoy your results!

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B. as needed!

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