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#9 PRIDE for Life

What is it that drives you? Why do you put your feet on the floor each morning? What pulls you from bed day after day? While I find long-term goals quite motivating, they can be rather intimidating to others. In our fast-food-I-want-it-now-world, they lack immediacy. And they require work. Don’t sabotage yourself with shortcuts and—dare I say—laziness. Continue reading

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#8 Finding Your Happy Place

I would like for this blog to be a compilation of your thoughts on what you do to find your happy place. Where is it? Is it a physical place? An emotional retreat? A spiritual touchstone? A community gathering—or an isolated spot? Let’s focus on those ethical and legal ways you maintain balance in life.
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#7 Where is the Line for “APPROPRIATE” Behavior–and Who Draws the Line?

The questions raised—and they are not new to this time period—are (1) “How do we determine the line of appropriateness?” (2) “Who should draw that line?” (3) “Should there even be a line?” Continue reading

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#5 “Balance Is Not Necessarily Even”

[NOTE: I previously posted this on Blogger on June 27, 2010.] [NOTE: This is an excerpt from my recently released book Choices for College Success (Boston: Pearson Education, 2011, pages 17-19.) While the book addresses student success, the topic for … Continue reading

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#4 When is being selfish not being selfish?

[NOTE: I previously posted this on BLOGGER on June 20, 2010.] In his book, Choices That Change Lives, Hal Urban presents a powerful activity that I have adapted and used in many of my workshops. There are three steps: First, … Continue reading

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#3 A Value Without Virtue Can Be Dangerous

[NOTE: I previously posted this on Blogger on June 13, 2010.] Cleaning out some old files last night, I came across a presentation that I made a number of years ago to a group of high school students on their … Continue reading

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#2 Moving from Unremarkable to REMARKABLE!

[NOTE: I previously posted this on Blogger on June 6, 2010.] In the immediate aftermath of the abortive Time Square car-bombing (May 2010), media sources began painting a picture of the alleged suspect in the incident.  One particular description caught … Continue reading

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#1 Social Media–Know When And How To Use It

[NOTE: I previously posted on Blogger on May 31, 2010.] I am in Austin, Texas presenting at the NISOD conference.  Yesterday I had the good fortune to facilitate an all-day pre-conference institute with Robb Sherfield (author of Cornerstone) and Amy Baldwin … Continue reading

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#6 Who Are the “Energy Vampires” in Your Life?

One way to protect your energy and sanity is to associate with nutritious people. These people help to neutralize the poison spewed by the energy vampires. A nutritious person has three main characteristics that stand out. Continue reading

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