(#279) Do You Have the Wisdom of a 5th Grader?

If we pay attention we often can find real nuggets of wisdom
from the young people around us.

You may have heard of or even remember watching Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” It was a feature on his House Party show.  He’d “interview” kids (generally 10 and under)—and you can imagine the genuine, authentic, unfiltered and refreshing responses Linkletter received from his “panelists.” If we pay attention we often can find real nuggets of wisdom from the young people around us. Of course, we must listen.

My wife has been experiencing a health challenge of late and to help speed her recovery a dear teacher friend of ours enlisted the help of her fifth grade class.  She and her husband delivered a bag of carefully worded and creatively decorated hand-made get well cards to Laurie last week. (Thank you Cass and Tom!) The cards, addressed to “Mrs. Laurie,” contained short messages crafted in multi-colored crayons that would make Hallmark envious.

Each card held out positive thoughts and the importance of a great attitude. One simply stated, “You will tough it!” Another, cleverly created a get well wish from the letters of “Mrs. Laurie.”  While the card was for my bride, I have to say that this young student has reminders for all of us. Soak in this 5th grader’s wisdom:

Make life count

Rock it

Stay strong

Love life

Amazing woman

U can do it



Everyone matters

Video recommendation for the week:

As Art Linkletter discovered decades ago, kids do say the dardest things

As you look to the week ahead, perhaps you can focus on one of the above nine powerful steps for purposeful and mindful living.

Make it a wonderful week—H.T.R.B. as needed.

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2 Responses to (#279) Do You Have the Wisdom of a 5th Grader?

  1. How sweet that your wife received these cards! I love getting drawings from children too!


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