(#130) Making Your Life Work!

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions we find lots of
big intentions—but minimal action.

I recently heard that most New Year’s resolutions don’t even make it a full month before they are forgotten or broken.  Time Magazine says the top ten broken resolutions are:

Lose Weight and Get Fit

Quit Smoking

Learn Something New

Eat Healthier and Diet

Get Out of Debt and Save Money

Spend More Time with Family

Travel to New Places

Be Less Stressed


Drink Less


I can tell you from experience that I observe the first one on that list every year.  Going to the gym is part of my DNA.  I have developed a faithful habit.  It is almost cliché to watch the gym membership swell the first week of January. Like clockwork, new faces appear on the cross-trainers, stationary bikes, and exercise mats.  That lasts, on average, until the about the beginning of February.  And then the only things to navigate are the broken promises people have made to themselves.

Why does this happen and what can be done about it?

I have found two broad reasons for broken goals: (1) People overwhelm themselves with huge goals on which they quickly burn themselves out; and (2) People lack discipline to follow-through actions.

Big intentions—minimal action.

Is there hope?  If you lack discipline and the work ethic to make your dreams come true, there is not much that I or anyone else can do for you.  The lack of action will create its own reality.  But there are a number of strategies that we can all use to help us identify our goals, take action, and enjoy the reality we want to create.

On November 28, 2012 I will conduct a webinar titled Year in Review: Getting Ready for the Best Year Ever.  We will consider strategies to address these questions:

  • Where have you been?  What did you do and not do this year—and why?
  • What has worked for you? For what do you need to show gratitude?
  • How have the six dimensions of your life shaped 2012—and how do you want them to shape your 2013?
  • What is your line in the sand when it comes to the goals you establish?  That is, at what point do you say, “This is so important that nothing will get in my way”?
  • Who are your mentors?
  • What is holding you back?

For many of us, we just have to get out of the weeds. Slow down; recognize what is working and what is not; and take action. If you are paralyzed by fear, insecurities, or a lack of knowledge, it may be time to sit back and take stock.

Video recommendation for the week:

As radio personality Mel Robbins reminds us in the video below, before we can do something larger we have to slow down and take control of our lives.

Finally, don’t hope you will get to your goals. Hope is not a strategy.  Make a specific plan. Take disciplined action. Enjoy the journey. Your small and consistent choices will create your larger life.

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B.as needed!

REGISTER NOW for my November 28, 2012 P.D.Q. Webinar “Year in Review: Get Ready for Your Best Year Ever!” Click here or paste this link into your web browser: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2425700017577251072

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8 Responses to (#130) Making Your Life Work!

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  2. Savina W. says:

    This post speaks to me 110% Little by little I’m becoming the “Go-Getter” I never thought I’d be. Lounging around, hoping for a future and better life used to feel like time well spent. Now I see that no action was taken at all and my time was wasted hoping. When I actually work to do something, looking back is more rewarding. Take Action! Do The Work! It’s the only way to get results. Great Post!


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