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(#75) An Awareness of Civility

What is civility if not a constant awareness that no human encounter is without consequence. -P.M. Forni- Nearly a decade ago, P.M. Forni released a powerful volume titled Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct.  The chapters, while short … Continue reading

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(#74) Redundant Mediocrity

Nowadays, the bar has been set so very low for what passes as “excellent” that we may have forgotten what true excellence really is. In past blog posts I have written about the importance of an attitude of gratitude (  There … Continue reading

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(#73) Going for the Goal

Sometimes mentors can help us…And while they are of incalculable value, there is another resource that sometimes gets ignored.  You! For their midterm review, my students examined their goals and their actions to get to those goals.  I find reading … Continue reading

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(#72) My Forever Friend

Who are the people who are there for you—and you for them? Who are your forever friends? On Thursday and Friday of this past week I attended memorial services for a college friend who had suddenly died. Warren Mack will … Continue reading

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(#71) Hit The Reset Button

There are no guarantees.  H.T.R.B. is no cure-all. But what is the alternative?  The button will not only get YOU moving in a positive direction, it will have a beneficial effect on those around you. It happened again. One of … Continue reading

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