(Issue #598) Spirituality and the Ocean

The ocean does not judge. It is.
And the is provides a sense of now and the future.


Most mornings find Roxie and me on the beach watching the sunrise. Roxie scratches the sand and nestles in while I take a few photos and ponder the day to come. Even on those days when the sun hides behind the clouds I am strengthened and calmed. On those occasions we do not make it to the beach I always fell a bit of a tug, a loss, even a sadness.

I’ve thought about that. What is it about our morning ritual that is soothing and nurturing? I think, in part, it is the time with Roxie as she stretches, sniffs, and paws her way to the beach. Some of it could be the small pod of neighbors who gather on the sand to watch the morning awaken. Or is it because I am a “water sign”—a Pisces? Did something happen in a previous life? (Was there a previous life?)

This past week, Laurie and I spent a few days in the Florida Keys. Roxie wasn’t with us. Our Atlantic Beach sunrise pod did not make the trip. Yet the energy still flowed for me. Whether standing on the sand, swimming in the ocean or paddling a kayak, I felt at home sensing the water.

Spirituality has various definitions and connotations depending on the source. For some, it is connected to a religion and/or a specific dogma. For me, spirituality embraces a connection to a sense of peace, love, beauty, inner strength, creativity, hope, beginnings, and non-judgment.

When I stand in witness to the ocean—no matter the location—I have a sense of awe and gratitude.

The ocean does not judge. It is.

And the is provides a sense of the now as well as the future.


Video recommendation for the week.

Seven years ago, I shot this sunrise video. Perhaps you could add a few more descriptors.


Make it a wonderful week and HTRB has needed.

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4 Responses to (Issue #598) Spirituality and the Ocean

  1. Maryann Dyal says:

    As a fellow Pisces I could not agree more. Thanks for putting it into words.


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