(Issue #594) The Sunrise is the Experience

Color. Texture. Sound. Feel. Location. Sea Life. Energy. Self.


Heard it again. About sunrise and redundancy.

“I don’t get it. Sunrise, again? Why bother? They all look the same!”

Were to begin?

First, I’ll offer that one may prefer the crunch of leaves beneath hiking boots in the mountain to bare feet on the beach. Or the hustle and bustle of an urban venue. Personal preferences for surroundings and exercise. But would I be accurate saying, “What? Another morning mountain hike? Aren’t they all the same?” Of course not. Same for the sunrise—especially viewed from the beach.

I’ve written on this blog about the importance of perspective. Each day brings something new. Sometimes we have to search a bit harder to find that offering. We have to pause and switch our gaze. And it is there. Something different. Something new. Something that is anything but the same.

Each sunrise is different because of what it brings. Like:

*Color. I have found arriving at the beach (about) twenty minutes before sunrise allows me to see the most vibrant colors the dawn will bring. Scientists speak of scattering. Particles in the air cause a scattering of light. When low in the sky (sunrise time) this phenomenon shows off the color spectrum in full force.

*Texture. Add floating cumulus, stratus, cumulonimbus, and cirrus and you will have a light show to take away your breathe. And there is a different texture to the water each day that ranges from flat and glassy to choppy and bumpy.

*Sound. The ocean provides a symphony of sounds each morning. Depending on the size and force of the swell coming ashore, you will hear anything from a lapping of the water as it bushes the sand to the crash and splash of a breaker. The rhythm creates its own meditative ambience.

*Feel. I kick off my slides as soon as Roxie and I hit the sand.  Walking or simply standing in place provides a connection to the earth. Depending on the tide (low, high, ebbing) and where we stand, the sand feels different each day.

*Location. Taking a cue from Roxie, I often will sit on the sand and watch the sunrise. Other mornings will find me standing in the water as it ebbs and flows from the shoreline. And then there are the special days when I paddle out toward the horizon in my kayak. Different vantage points each time.

*Living Beings. Some days a pod of dolphin will greet us as it breaks the surface of the water. Bait fish will create a ripple. Pelicans glide just above the waves while gulls will search and dive for a snack. At times we will see just the birds; some days all present themselves. And don’t forget the surfers, paddle boarders, and kayakers.

*Energy. All of the above creates a different feel (energy) each day. Physical, emotional, and spiritual. And each day as Roxie and I leave the beach, the feeling is one of calming gratitude for a new day. A different day.

*Combination. One of the regular sunrise appreciators told me, for her, it is all about the combination of the above. No two days have the same collection of ingredients. A different mix each morning. Such as when the water catches the sun’s glow like a Monet painting.

*Anticipation. Another “sunriser” told me the experience is about the anticipation. What will it look and feel like that day?

*You. In a way, you, the watcher, create the experience. Each day I bring a different me to the beach. Calm or cranky or confused or compassionate or concerned or confident or … My internal view colors the day’s dawn. And the day’s dawn helps me get in touch with a sense of quiet.

Each day different.

Anything but the same.

All photos by Steve Piscitelli ©2021.


Video recommendation for the week:

Watch as the dolphin surface off my bow around the :50 point in the video. I filmed this in Atlantic Beach, Florida.


Make it a wonderful week and HTRB has needed.

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3 Responses to (Issue #594) The Sunrise is the Experience

  1. marianbeaman says:

    I enjoyed the glorious photos + the video which revived memories of our Ozark kayaking event in July. By the way, I think you were the one to recommend the Amelia Schoolhouse Inn, which we enjoyed this week. Thank you! Watch for a blog post about it soon. 😀


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