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(Issue #566) I Will

Seventy years ago, Marie and Dominic had dreams.One reaching beyond and the other attempting to create a comfort zone. As you read the beginning of this post, you might think it is a sad and dreary remembrance. It isn’t. If … Continue reading

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(Issue #565) Offering A Hand Or An Opinion?

At that moment they might not need to know how much I knowbut, rather, how much I care. The conclusion of a recent letter to the editor in the local paper caught my attention: “So I ask, if you see … Continue reading

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(Issue #564) Perspective

A change in perspective might help us see variety, beauty, glory, and hope. “Not quite as vibrant this morning, was it? But it is always great to see.  Never tire of it.” The observation came from a Parks and Recreation … Continue reading

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(Issue #563) Your Future Self

What do you want to say to your Future Self? In 2012 I discovered a tool to help my students challenge themselves and then hold themselves accountable for that challenge. The site: FutureMe. In short, FutureMe allows users to craft … Continue reading

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