(Issue #559) Who Me? Write A Book?

Why not you?

One of my previous posts encouraged readers to consider the statement, “Geez, I could write a book!” Let’s dive a little deeper and assume you really want to write that book. What I offer comes from experience I’ve had, mistakes I’ve made, and great mentors I have followed. I offer the following as thought developers for you. This is one writer’s view of moving from the thought process to the action process.  Got to do that before you get to the publishing part of the endeavor.*

Each of my first 13 books developed from curiosity.

Each time I have started a writing project I have had to identify my inner desires, strengths, and challenges. Before I began each book I had to identify what I wanted to share with the greater community.

Maybe by the end of this post, rather than saying, “Who am I kidding? I’m not a writer!” you will begin to consider and take steps to act upon, “Me, write a book? Why not me?”

A Few Starting Questions. I suggest you write the answers to these questions. Note: There is another list of questions to consider once you decide your work is ready for publishing. That could be the subject of another post.

  • WHAT will I write about?
    • What’s the idea I have and need to share?
  • WHY do I want to write a book?
    • Is it career related?
    • Is it related to a personal passion?
    • Does the community need it?
    • Do I want to make money?
    • Other reasons?
  • WHO cares about my work—and why should they care?
    • When the book is published, who will want to read it?
  • HOW do I develop a supportive learning community of colleagues to develop my writing talents?
    • Who will help me critique my work?

And the final question, WHEN will you start? After all, if you are going to write….you have to write!

Best wishes. Let me know when your book is released.

A few resources to consider:

*Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. Rather, consider this a reminder to ask yourself the question: “What are the important questions I should be asking when I consider writing?

Video recommendation for the Week:

Rather than a video, enjoy this podcast I recorded with Shawn Eager about creative spark and spirit; importance of teachers; connection of art and creativity; listening to the internal dialogue; and mental locks and schooling.

Want more? Got to Episode 5 with Shawn. Topics include: inspiration; completing the process; importance of story; confidence; persistence; criticism and feedback.

Make it a great week and HTRB has needed.

My new book has been released.
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Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit.

Well, actually, my dog Roxie gets top billing on the author page for this work. Without her, there would be no story.
Click here for more information about the book.

In the meantime, check out her blog.

And you can still order:

  • My book, Community as a Safe Place to Land (2019), (print and e-book) is available on Amazon. More information (including seven free podcast episodes that spotlight the seven core values highlighted in the book) at the above link.
  • Check out my book Stories about Teaching, Learning, and Resilience: No Need to be an Island (2017). It has been adopted for teaching, learning, and coaching purposes. I conducted a half-day workshop for a community college’s new faculty onboarding program using the scenarios in this book. Contact me if you and your team are interested in doing the same. The accompanying videos would serve to stimulate community-building conversations at the beginning of a meeting.

My podcasts can be found at The Growth and Resilience Network®.

You will find more about what I do at www.stevepiscitelli.com.

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