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(#88) Information Literacy: Not All Information is Created Equally

What we have to remember is that the explosion of information does not necessarily equate to an explosion of credible knowledge. Video recommendation for the week: Maybe it is the heat of the political campaign season. The ads, debates, robocalls, … Continue reading

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(#87) Priority Management: Are You Doing the Right Things or Are You Just Doing Stuff?

We cannot stop time, create time, or control time. But we all can effectively manage our priorities. Time management is a myth.  Can’t be done.  I can manage my finances (spend less, earn more). I can manage my weight (eat … Continue reading

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(#86) A Model for Critical Thinking

What is common sense is not always common practice. As a skill, critical thinking is a no-brainer; especially in a democratic society.  Yet what is common sense is not always common practice. Today, let’s examine a model that will help us be more … Continue reading

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(#85) Study Skills: Do I Really Need This Stuff?

Study skills are really about discipline; about developing habits that move you and me (not just students) closer to our goals; about little choices that have huge results. It is not unusual for students to be a bit “put off” … Continue reading

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(#84) Your Small Choices Create Your Larger Life

As part of our larger community we have an obligation to help it and nurture it to an ever better place.  But we also need to be mindful of the balance in our lives—if not for ourselves, then for those … Continue reading

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