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(#92) Making Connections in the Classroom and the Boardroom

#92 Research tells us that as students build connections (relationships) between what they learn in class, read in their books, and experience  in their lives, they will improve their learning. Last week I wrote about “Success Strategies for the Classroom—and … Continue reading

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(#91) Success Strategies for the Classroom—and the Business World

Every so often we all can find wisdom in reminders of past lessons. Think of the following checklist as providing basic strategies that will move you toward a more active and successful life in school—and beyond. As a professor, I … Continue reading

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(#90) Using Learning Preferences to Make Connections

It’s one thing to understand what your preference for learning is. It is quite another, to do something with that knowledge. Remember, knowledge is NOT power. The APPLICATION of knowledge brings you POWER. When we speak of style, we generally … Continue reading

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(#89) Set Your Goals and S.O.A.R.

You can write the most specific and realistic and timely goal you can think of—but it will be useless (a fantasy) without ACTION.  You have to put the “do” behind the “want to do.” Video recommendation for the week: When … Continue reading

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