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(#62) Are You A Critical Thinker?

If you have been anywhere near a television, Internet video, or newspaper you have been inundated with stories about the debt ceiling and our national debt.  Lots of talk, yelling, and finger pointing.  And while the economics, the politics, and … Continue reading

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(#61) Finding the Sweet Spot of Success and Personal Wellbeing

Venn diagrams can strike fear into the hearts of those of us who are mathematically-challenged. Those pesky circles–the brainchild of John Venn circa 1880–intersecting here and overlapping there can be intimidating. says the Venn diagram “shows all possible logical … Continue reading

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(#60) Government Overreach–OR Keeping Parents Accountable?

One of the chapters in my book Choices for College Success (Pearson, 2011) provides a broad view of the six dimensions of life (social, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional). Titled “Treating Yourself with Respect,” its premise is that we … Continue reading

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(#59) Lessons from “Larry Crowne”

Larry Crowne is a rather predictable romantic comedy. As Tom Hanks said on a television talk show, “I go to school and Julia Roberts is my teacher and guess what happens?”   Crowne (Hanks’ character) faces a series of personal challenges, not … Continue reading

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(#58) Patience. Patience! Patience?

This past week, a ”first” happened in my life.  I had my first surgery.  Actually, if you count the tonsillectomy I had back in 1974, it’s my second.  But based on pain level–and my “weenieness”–this was my first surgery. A … Continue reading

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