(Issue #611) Who You Hang With Makes A Difference

Whether we call this a pod, social circle, monthly book club, or exercise group, this tribe knows and demonstrates the importance of developing authentic connections.


Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones focus on the Power 9® model evolved from research into what made for longevity of life in certain locales around the world. Nine interconnected “common denominators” showed themselves to be key to healthy living:

  1. Move Naturally (the environment creates/promotes opportunities to move)
  2. Purpose (passion for what you do)
  3. Down Shift (stress reduction)
  4. 80% Rule (eating to only 80% full)
  5. Plant Slant (healthy diet)
  6. Wine at 5 (moderate alcohol consumption with friends and/or meals)
  7. Belong (faith-based community)
  8. Loved ones first (importance of family)
  9. Right Tribe (social circle that continually supports healthy habits)
Photo by Steve Piscitelli

Many previous posts on this blog have looked at purpose and interconnectedness. (Like this and this.) Today let’s remind ourselves of the importance of #9 above, the Right Tribe.

Whether we call this a pod, social circle, monthly book club, or exercise group, this tribe knows and demonstrates the importance of developing authentic connections. Not transitory. Not exploitive. Not me-centered. Consider:

  • Years ago, Richard Leider wrote about nutritious people. They are the antidote to energy vampires. Leider encouraged us to surround ourselves with “people [who] have three primary characteristics: their face lights up when you come in the room, they listen to you, and they have few (i.e., no) plans for your improvement!” The opposite? People who show no enthusiasm for your presence, do not listen to you, and constantly tell you how you could be/should be better. The right tribe vs. the wrong tribe.
  • The right tribe is not a grouping of strangers. It  consists of committed friends (close and intimate) who know about you, care about, and are there for you. Likewise, you do the same for them. Again, the right tribe.

Buettner’s work found that the Right Tribe, also, connects with mealtime and what you do to make a difference in the world. And if you delve further into the Power 9®, you will see how all can impact each other.

Who do you hang with–and how does it impact your health and wellbeing?


Video recommendation for the week.

This TED talk, Dan Buettner talks about the importance of healthy lifestyle.


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2 Responses to (Issue #611) Who You Hang With Makes A Difference

  1. marianbeaman says:

    I like the Buettner power model and flourish on most, but wobble on #4. All my “tribes” enrich my life: Pilates ZOOM group, several writing groups, a vibrant faith connection, and a loving family. So blessed!

    Steve, you are a nutritious person, which I aim to be also. 😀


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