(#209) What Consequence Have You Created Today?

We all have choices. What’s your choice–and consequence–today?

We all have choices. Every choice has a consequence. When you set the bar low, what’s the consequence? When you set the bar a bit higher than your comfort zone, what’s the consequence? What’s your choice—and consequence—today?

In my book Choices for College Success (3rd edition) I wrote the following:

You are a work in progress…Self-aware people reflect on their
actions, understand how those actions affect themselves and
others, and assume responsibility for their choices.  Self-aware
people do not have all the answers. None of us do…Self-aware
people are, at least, more alert to circumstances around them—
and how those circumstances may have an impact on themselves
and their surroundings.
(p. 264)

Every one of us has potential. Lots of it.  But how many of us live up to it—or even realize what we have in the tank?  What is the possibility of you becoming a stronger you?

Image: supakitmod/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: supakitmod/

As an article in Harvard Business Review states, examining whether you are reaching your potential requires “taking a very personal look at how you define success in your heart of hearts and then finding your path to get there.”

So what is your path?

For the coming week engage in a bit of reflective practice for yourself:

  1. Raising Awareness.  Do you even know what you are doing? Is your life about earning a living? Creating a space? Making a difference? Finding a different path?  What is it that you do each day?
  2. Challenging Assumptions. Once you identified what you are doing, do you know why you are doing what you are doing? You may need a mentor to bounce ideas off of for this item.  Why do YOU do what YOU do each day? Are you just surviving? Have you stopped looking at alternatives? Have you backed yourself into a corner—and if you have, is there really no way out?  Sure there is!  A mentor or coach can help. Are you ready to listen and adjust?
  3. Creating Action.  Ambition (the desire to do something greater) is wonderful. Potential (the possibility of becoming something greater than you are) is intoxicating.  But, ah, the rub comes with initiative.  Will you take the action needed to reach the ambition and enjoy the potential?

Video recommendation for the week:

How can we look at our world from different perspectives?

Yes, we all have different circumstances.  And some of those are downright taxing, scary, and foreboding.  If we can remember that events do not create outcomes we can take control of where we are going.  Events obviously have an impact on the outcome.  But it is our response (rather than reaction) to the event that creates the outcome.

Each day the smallest of choices you make will have long-term consequences for you.  Choose to standout. Set the bar high.  Be prepared to miss the mark from time to time.  But never set your bar lower just to make it comfortable.  Because if you do, you will reach the bar—but you will not be comfortable.

Make it a wonderful week—H.T.R.B. as needed.

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3 Responses to (#209) What Consequence Have You Created Today?

  1. shawn eager says:

    Always enjoy reading your blog….. I think I need a life coach……. can I audit your classes….????


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