(#67) Sage Suggestions for Students

There is a saying that “All of us are better than one of us.”  I have written on this blog before about the power of social media . It allows us to share ideas, tips, and strategies—instantly. Think of it as “collaboration in the cloud.”

This past week as I was getting ready for a presentation for students at the University of North Florida, I posted the following on Facebook:  “What advice would you share with the students?”  I received so many heart-felt suggestions I would like to pass them along to you, as I did with the students this past Friday.  As you read the synopsis of a few of these sage suggestions for students, see if you can identify a common theme.

Jodi: “… follow their hearts. Do what you love. Think about … what you can contribute to this world and do so with all your heart.”

Susan: “I think students often choose their careers based on salary… and then find themselves working 60 hour weeks with no time for themselves or their families, with disastrous results.”

Jeff: “…take [their education] seriously and nurture it so that it grows to be something that serves them well.”

Karen: “…Prepare your mind (open it!) to receive an EDUCATION….”

Kieve: “…like what you do… enjoy the challenges/opportunities that life gives you (every challenge IS an opportunity).”

Maureen:  “…learn to be self sufficient so that you will always be able to offer something to your fellow humans.”

Kim: “…create a ‘job from heaven’ description, and use that to guide you…create a ‘job from hell’ description, which is just as useful in deciding what you DON’T want to do….”

Shawn: “…please be sure you don’t make the trade off to get paid well for doing something you hate….”

Maria: “Choose work you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Confucius.

William: “…never let your bad habits interfere with your good ones.”

Krissy: “…if you follow all of this advice and find that you are still not happy, don’t be afraid to explore something new. Never stop learning!”

David: “……”Live your passion.” Joseph Campbell

Robb: “”There are two GREAT DAYS in our lives…the day we are born and the day we discover why.” J.C. Maxwell

As I read the posts, one word kept popping up in my mind. Passion. I have written of that in past posts; the need to match talents and passion in order to create that remarkable life you (we) are all capable of creating.  As Dan reminded us in one of the posts, life is fleeting.

So why not embrace the passion, take action, and make a difference.

Enjoy your week!

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7 Responses to (#67) Sage Suggestions for Students

  1. Krissy Smith says:

    The common theme I see is passion to do what a person want to do and not to procrastinate and put what a person love off to the side.


  2. Jennifer G says:

    The thing about finding your passion, sometimes you really aren’t sure what your passionate about. You may have certain things that you enjoy doing, but your not really passionate about it so sometimes you have to do a little soul searching or just evaluate yourself maybe you can find whats been there all along


  3. Jessica H. says:

    I totally agree with everyone’s comment.I feel as if passion is what you make it because everyone has a different passion for something.whether it’s a passin for love,education,or life.even tho it is not in your will to call no one a fool,But it is foolish to ignore the limitations of your time on earth,so be careful how you use the passin that you have.


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