(#101) Ayekoo!

Feel free to pass this along to any new college student you may know.
You may even find some nuggets of advice for yourself…
I commend these students for a job well done! They have inspired me.

The final exam for my student success classes takes on a very personal note.  Students write about their dream (why they have decided to come to college), the actions they have taken this semester to get closer to the dream, and one challenge (with an action plan) that they need to tackle.

By far, it is one of the most powerful classes of the semester.  A number of students have never given their dreams much thought. Some have allowed the haters in their lives to hold them back. This semester allowed all of my students to focus on their meaningful future. A future of their creation.

There is an additional part to the final. On the day they turn their papers in, the students get a couple of minutes to speak to their dreams.  If they choose not to speak to their dreams, they have the opportunity to provide advice to incoming first-year college students.

For those who take the advice option, the question is simple: “Based on your experiences over the last 16 weeks, what advice would you give to first-year college students?”

For this post, I will share some of the advice from these wonderful folks.  Feel free to pass this along to any new college student you may know.  You may even find some nuggets of advice for yourself.

  • Prioritization will help you balance work, family and school.
  • Know what you are getting into.
  • When it comes to prioritization, understand what is negotiable and non-negotiable in your life.
  • Leave your school with a legacy; inspire someone.
  • Seek balance in your life.
  • Eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary. Make conscious choices to do something.
  • Don’t give up. Stay positive. It’s your dream.
  • Take initiative.
  • Be determined. Your college success is up to you.
  • Get to know at least one class member.
  • Get to know your professors.
  • Use the college resources.
  • When you wake up in the morning, give yourself a morning positive pep talk!
  • Find and talk to supportive people.
  • There are consequences for your actions.
  • Be a role model.
  • Don’t let life’s storms distract you.
  • Remember why you are doing what you are doing.
  • Limit the amount of negative people you allow into your bubble.
  • Show gratitude.

I LOVE this final exam!  One of my students said (as many have over the years) that the process was emotional for her (in a very positive way).  Another student who is from Ghana said it best: Ayekoo!  It simply means, “Well done!”

Yes, indeed. I commend these students for a job well done! They have inspired me.

Video recommendation for the week:

Enjoy the music and the message–Well Done!

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B. as needed!

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