(#83) A Blogger’s Retrospective: 2011 in Review

Consider this a look back as we look ahead to the New Year. Perhaps a nugget or two will provide inspiration.

 It was back in May of 2010 when I made the decision to begin my first blog. I had 3 goals:

  • Experience a new (for me) aspect of social media
  • Develop and flesh out new ideas
  • Provide something worthwhile—not just another cyber rant.


I believe I have accomplished the first and the second. It is up to you whether I have accomplished the third.  My blog posts contain videos, book recommendations and summaries, questions to ponder, and always a takeaway to apply immediately to life.

 For this last-of-the-year post, I have returned to each of the previous 51 posts I have made to the blog in 2011—and provided a summary statement about each. I have linked each title to the actual blog should you want to read it or re-read it.

 Consider this a look back as we move toward the New Year. Perhaps a nugget or two will provide inspiration.    (Image: digitalart/freedigitalphoto.net)

 Thank you for your continued support and comments.  All the best to you and your family and your friends as you enjoy a wonderful 2012!

  1. 1.      Grounded And Rounded: *Student suggestions on staying focused and moving toward your goals.
  2. What Do Effective Teachers Do? *An examination of what effective teachers do—and how they care about what they do.
  3. The Student Perspective: What Do Effective Teachers Do? *A non-scientific survey of my students revealed their Top Ten Characteristics of Effective Teachers.
  4. The Antidote for Toxic Meetings: Be Brief, Be Bright, and Be Gone! *One of a few posts I wrote this year about the need for leaders NOT to live up to the expectations of dull, boring, and sleep-inducing meetings.
  5. How to Make Ideas Stick *Six steps (with examples) on how to get your point across to other people. Teachers, managers, parents, and others can benefit from this advice.
  6. Three Good Things *Promoting an attitude of gratitude.
  7. Happy Valentine’s Day: The First 35 Years *Thoughts on a “special” wedding anniversary.
  8.  In the Present Moment *Reflections and suggestions for quality down time.
  9. Stanton College Preparatory School: Alumni Making a Difference *A tribute to past students and a wonderful school.
  10. An Archaic System? Evaluating Assumptions About Education *We can be short-changing students if we continue on a path of “speed to market” with their education.
  11. Guns in the Classroom *Florida legislators wanted to allow guns in college classrooms. This did not pass into law.
  12. What We Say, We Become * With so many words uttered each day, we may forget that what we say does have an impact. On others and on our own growth and wellbeing.
  13. Saluting Spring! *A Jamaican twist on an old song to help us usher in the good weather.
  14. Mickey Mantle, Jamaica, and a Leisurely Read *The joy of reading for pleasure.
  15. Little Pleasures and Great Treasures * Many little things that add up to a great ride.
  16. Passion, Talent, Money *Finding the “sweet spot” where your talents and passions meet—and you get paid to do it!
  17. Remembering Dezmond Waters *A tribute to a friend and a community leader.
  18. Education and Politics: Problems or Solutions? * Do the folks who make the laws governing our schools have the best seat in the educational house to pass judgment?
  19. We Need More John Hunters * Remembering years ago when, with my students, we  experimented; we had fun; we had standards; and we worked. It was a day that teachers were allowed to teach; they had lots of latitude.
  20. Rethinking Pomp and Circumstance *Thoughts about whether a time-honored tradition has outlived itself.
  21. Life In The Happy Place! *A tribute to Atlantic Beach, Florida.
  22. Observations From The Airport *The tile pretty much sums this one up.
  23. College Completion: Asking the Right Questions *In education, what do we need to stop doing, keep doing, and start doing?
  24. Words Matter *Ten rules for successful communication from a master of communication (not me!)
  25. 100 Years of Marriage *Three married couples celebrate 100 years of marriage.
  26. Teaching: Creating An Experience *Thoughts on what “drives” my teaching.
  27. Patience. Patience! Patience? *Twelve lessons learned from shoulder surgery.
  28. Lessons from “Larry Crowne” *Real world applications about the good that community colleges do for our students and society.
  29. Government Overreach–OR Keeping Parents Accountable? * If a child is obese, should the parent be arrested for child abuse?
  30. Finding the Sweet Spot of Success and Personal Wellbeing * If we can balance, hone, and focus on each component of our lives we put ourselves in a better place to reach our goals.
  31. Are You A Critical Thinker? * What passes for critical thought many times is little more than narrow agendas that are presented with little or no objective information.
  32. The Power of Social Media *Four principles to help you make the most from your social media communication.
  33. Two Generations of Teachers Make a Difference for Our World *A tribute to a retiring colleague as well as two of the younger teachers who do well for our students and community.
  34. Lessons from Buddy (My Dog) *One person responded to the blog with, “Sounds like Buddy has life figured out.” He does!
  35. Thirty Years. A New Semester. Some Enduring Lessons. * I share my appreciation for the opportunity to work with a new group of students and to be a part of (if even in a small way) their journey.
  36. Sage Suggestions for Students *If you were to speak with a group of college students, what advice would you pass along? See what a Facebook survey yielded.
  37. I Know…But…! * If you have a presentation to make, please do NOT do these things.
  38. Dreams–Revisited *Strategies for effective goal setting—and movement.
  39. Blogging with a Purpose * Blogging is a form of social media that has become part of our culture.
  40. Hit The Reset Button * Stop. Be. Reset.
  41. My Forever Friend * Who are the people who are there for you—and you for them? Who are your forever friends? Have you told them lately?
  42. Going for the Goal * Sometimes mentors can help us…And while they are of incalculable value, there is another resource that sometimes gets ignored. You!
  43. Redundant Mediocrity * Let’s not accept ongoing-mediocrity. Let’s recognize and celebrate remarkable consistency.
  44. An Awareness of Civility *Would the corporate world tolerate—let alone accept—the incivility that occurs in our classrooms?
  45. Building Transformative Relationships *Are you enchanting in your relationships?
  46. A Code for Life *Elegance of simplicity coupled with the power of integrity.
  47. Where is Your Get Up and Do? *Procrastination is a dream killer.
  48. Warholism: What Would We Have Done? * Social media IS a game-changer for all of us. In more than one way.
  49. Philosophical Differences or Ideological Inflexibility? *Once we commit to an ideological road it becomes increasingly difficult to consider counter arguments or even think about compromise.
  50. Psychic Wages and Passion *The rewards of teaching—former students teaching current students.
  51. Time to Hit the Reset Button: Reprise * While we may not always have the opportunity to find, at the needed time, a quiet place to just “be,” the advice is worth heeding. Stop. Be. Reset.
  52. A Blogger’s Retrospective: 2011 in Review *Here it is. The annual review of the year’s titles for this blog.

 Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B. as needed!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.  Please pass it (and any of the archived posts on this site) along to friends and colleagues. You can also follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. If you get a chance, visit my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/stevepiscitelli) and click on the “LIKE” button.  Also, if you have suggestions for future posts, leave a comment.  Have a wonderful week!

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