Here is an email message I shared with students the last month of the semester.  I hopefully validated their efforts and provided a bit of perspective as they moved forward:

Good morning, young scholars! 

You have arrived into the homestretch of the semester.  Now, you can actually see what you have accomplished.  Congratulate yourself.  And get ready to cross the finish line with style and grace! 

Here is a quick strategy to keep your energy and passion flowing.  Repeat the following out loud: “Now is MY time!”  Say it again. “Now is MY time!”

Yes, you may have lots of responsibilities with family, children, work, and school. (You must always take care of the NON-NEGOTIABLE priorities in your life.)  And at times you might even feel like quitting.  Remember that each day brings you closer to your dreams—but only if YOU continue to move toward your dreams.  This is your time…what will you do with it?

I look forward to a wonderfully energizing end of the semester.  And remember to say—and mean it—and do it: “Now is MY time!”

See you in class!

Quotes to validate, inspire, and shift perspective:

“It’s better to travel well than to arrive.”-Buddha

“We carry at least one piece to someone else’s puzzle.”-Rabbi Kushner